RONIN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY offers the highest quality of spirit and discipline and we take pride in leading by example. We offer both Traditional and Non-Traditional Martial as taught by the actual Founders and World Champions from around the globe. Each art taught here at Ronin Martial Arts Academy was studied by the Founder Grand Master Mike Baldwin in the country of origin. We don’t just teach Martial Arts, “We Change Lives”.  

RONIN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY teaches a strong foundation of an Okinawan system called Ryu-Sei-Kan in which Grand Master Mike Baldwin studied on the island of Okinawa for eight years in a thirteen year span while serving as a US Marine. He also teaches Russian Sambo that he learned in Russia, Filipino Martial Arts that he learned in the Philippines, Muay Thai Boxing that he studied in Thailand, and Tae Kwon Do that he learned from the ROK Marines in Pohang Korea.

OUR ACADEMIC PROGRAM teaches fundamental principles, methods and techniques directed at improving the self-worth of each individual by enhancing their self-confidence. For Children, this is done through a 12 step program involving twelve specific areas of concentration that includes: Respect, Self-Discipline, Health, Harmony & Spirit, Family Values, Kindness & Compassion, Loyalty & Honor, Instinct, Freedom & Creativity, Diversity, Safety & Confidence, and Leadership. Grand Master Mike Baldwin will offer classes for Kids, Adults, and the Whole Family. Classes will include Kali 4 Kids, Traditional Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Cardio Kick-Boxing, MMA, TAI-CHI, KRAV-MAGA, RUSSIAN SAMBO, and KENDO taught by Karate Master Shihan Masahito Nishida.  

OUR ACADEMY offers a perfect balance of structured elements and techniques that are taught in a fun and caring environment that combines education and entertainment that we fondly refer to as EDUTAINMENT.