Kali 4 Kids is the indigenous fighting art of the Philippines. With its cultural and Philosophical values its history traces back more than 1500 to 2000 years in the past.

You might have seen Kali featured on the History Channel’s “Fight Quest”. Kali is a very complete Martial Art that utilizes weapons, empty hand, kicking, striking, and ground fighting.

Kali is Martial Art style that focuses on the ability to transition from fighting with weapons to empty hands fluidly, as there is always the possibility of losing your weapon.

Our Kali 4 Kids Program & Adult Kali will develop your focus & concentration 100% as well as improve your muscle memory tremendously! Your child will be a step above the rest in coordination, memory, fluidity, footwork, and hand speed regardless whether it is Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, and many more! Their hand eye coordination will be incredible!

Adults, you will be in rare form as your muscle memory serves you extremely well. You will re-train the entire functionality of your body while getting in great shape!

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