Cardio Kickboxing



We start you out slow and work you at a pace that our on-staff US Marine Corps Drill Instructor feels that you are capable of performing. You will become a LEAN, GREEN, FIGHTING MACHINE ready to take on the world and any endeavor! You can become Certified in the same USMC Hand-To-Hand Combat Techniques as performed in the military. We will take you to the edge; But never push you over! You will develop that “Jump and the net will appear attitude”!


There is no hidden secret.  How would you like a fitness program that will MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE and meet all of your needs? Our Unique Program combines Muay Thai Kick Boxing, BJJ, Krav- Maga, Self-Defense, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Russian Samba, and Kali (Filipino Stick Fighting), all taught by a US Marine Corps Parris Island Drill Instructor and Close Combat Instructor and Boot Camp  that will challenge your body, BLAST AWAY fat, build strength, improve coordination, increase your confidence & focus, and best of all, get you a that SEXY body you want!


Our Program is FUN and challenging, focusing on helping you obtain muscle definition and tone your WHOLE body.   BEST OF ALL - YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS THAT YOU DESIRE because you want to TRAIN FOR REAL RESULTS, WITH A REAL TRAINER that has been tested over time (40 years). IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST; YOU MUST TRAIN WITH THE BEST!! Don’t settle for less!!


This awesome Non-Contact (Contact only for those that desire) Program is designed specifically with your needs in mind. Our ongoing program is affordable and flexible! No experience required, all you have to do is show up ready to train. Have fun with this serious exercise program without risking BURNOUT or BOREDOM!!

Class Passes, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or yearly memberships available. Private & Personal coaching is available to help achieve all your goals. 

1 FREE 10 class pass when you enroll your kids in our After School Program!

Contact us today for more information by dialing (540) 680-0017!